Treaty Reinsurance

What we can do

Proportional and Non-Proportional for Life and Non-Life

   We have accumulated more than 40 years’ experience in arranging Treaty programs in various markets.

   We have various tools providing analysis services to our clients in structuring the Treaty program by our actuarial team members.

   We have ability to structure the program for newly set up company or new program for new business portfolio.

   Special Treaty arrangement for particular type of business i.e. new product, mega project etc…

We have been arranging the following programs

   Proportional Treaties including Motor Quota Share

   Multi-years Reinsurance Program

   Risk XOL and underlying layer

   Cat XOL Protection for Life and Non-Life

   Structure Reinsurance Program

   Whole Account XOL

   Solvency Relief Program

Facultative Reinsurance

Personal Lines

   Accident & Health – Artist, Professional Sport, Crews, High Risk PA

   Medical Expenses – High End and Excess medical expenses

   Travel Personal Accident including tour & Travel Age

   Event Group PA

   Oversea Workers

   Critical Illness

   Senior Life protection

   Sub-standard Life Product

   Luxury Private Car

Property & Engineering

   Proportional & XOL arrangements

   Infra-structure (Airport, Port, Highway, Railways etc..)

   Semi – conductor factory

   Overseas Projects

   Renewable Energy

   All Risks, CAR/EAR (including Construction Plant and Machinery), Business Interruption and DSU

   Natural Catastrophe Covers on standalone basis or included in risk

Casualty & Specialty Lines

   Traditional Lines – Product Liability, Professional Indemnity (including IT industry), D&O, Public Liability, etc

   Commercial Crime Insurance on Employee & Third Party

   Cyber Risk Protection

   Health Care & Life Sciences for Health Care Organization and Pharmaceuticals in respect of

– Medical Malpractice
– Medical Devices Product Liability
– Clinical Trial Liability
– Hospital Liability – General Liability and Errors & Omissions

   Trade Credit, Credit Insurance and Surety & Bond

Actuarial Services

1. CAT Modeling for Life and Non-Life Reinsurance Arrangement

Natural Peril Catastrophe Models

Covering different classes of business and different countries:

For examples:

   Catastrophe Models for Life and PA Classes in Taiwan and China

Earthquake and mass transportation scenarios for Life and PA Portfolio in Taiwan and China

   Dam Failure Scenarios and Mass Transportation Scenarios for PA & Motor Portfolio in Thailand

   Catastrophe Model for Property and Engineering Classes in Thailand

Flood, earthquake and windstorm models for Property and Engineering Portfolio in Thailand

2. Involvement in Life and Non-Life Reinsurance Arrangement

Optimal Reinsurance Analysis Modelling

   Using actuarial techniques to assess the financial implication for our clients under various reinsurance structure, we aim to determine the optimal reinsurance structure that optimise cedant’s risk and reward profile.

Risk Transfer Testing (ERD) Modelling

   We provide Expected Reinsurer Deficit (ERD) risk modelling service, which can be used to quantify the risk transfer element of a reinsurance arrangement.

Ad-hoc or Specific Projects to Clients

   Upon request of our clients, we can provide actuarial or modeling solutions that are more specific to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Administration Services

   Aim of our Service is to create a platform for business transact in most efficiency ways

   System provides good information including business statistics for analysis

   System opens for clients to check the Outstanding Balance and Claims payment progress

   Auto placement system can offer the business in market in very short time

   Such automation making some small and medium size business possible to be transacted

   System offers partial payment to avoid any possible delay in settlement

Web based Cash Call and Settlement

   Online application for Cash Call and Settlement

   Provide web page for client to make enquiry particularly on cash call and settlement