Actuarial Services

CAT Modeling for Life and Non-Life Reinsurance Arrangement

Natural Peril Catastrophe Models

Covering different classes of business and different countries:

For examples:

Catastrophe Models for Life and PA Classes in Taiwan and China
Earthquake and mass transportation scenarios for Life and PA Portfolio in Taiwan and China

Dam Failure Scenarios and Mass Transportation Scenarios for PA & Motor Portfolio in Thailand

Catastrophe Model for Property and Engineering Classes in Thailand
Flood, earthquake and windstorm models for Property and Engineering Portfolio in Thailand

Involvement in Life and Non-Life Reinsurance Arrangement

Optimal Reinsurance Analysis Modelling

Using actuarial techniques to assess the financial implication for our clients under various reinsurance structure, we aim to determine the optimal reinsurance structure that optimise cedant’s risk and reward profile.

Risk Transfer Testing (ERD) Modelling

We provide Expected Reinsurer Deficit (ERD) risk modelling service, which can be used to quantify the risk transfer element of a reinsurance arrangement.

Ad-hoc or Specific Projects to Clients

Upon request of our clients, we can provide actuarial or modeling solutions that are more specific to suit the individual needs of our clients.